The FAIR'N GREEN network for sustainable organic wine

The network for sustainable organic wine brings together organic wineries, wineries undergoing organic conversion and specialised wine shops to promote and expand the value chain of organically grown and sustainably produced wine.


Organic wine?

Organic wine is a form of grape and wine production based on the EU Organic Regulation. To protect the vines, mineral fertilisers are not used and natural instead of synthetic pesticides are used.

The use of synthetically produced insecticides, acaricides, organic fungicides and herbicides is prohibited. Wines of organic quality are labelled and advertised on the bottle. Organic farms are regularly inspected by inspection bodies.



sustainable wines?

Sustainable wine takes all aspects of sustainability into account during cultivation and production, i.e. ecological as well as social and economic factors.

Sustainability aspects that complement organic viticulture include climate protection measures, resource efficiency, improving working conditions for employees and the use of resource-conserving materials. If these aspects are considered holistically, organic wineries also act more sustainably and contribute to socially responsible production.


“We have been cultivating our vineyards organically since 2011. Now we are going one step further. When a winery is 583 years old, sustainability is much, much more than just a phrase! We are happy to take responsibility and are committed today to ensuring a good future …”

Martin Steinmann (Winery Schloss Sommerhausen)


Sustainable organic wine


“We are concerned with fair play and common sense in business management, social commitment and the relevant environmental aspects. We try to keep an eye on the entire value chain, not just the cultivation of the grapes. In our opinion, good wine trade must work sustainably and be seriously interested in continuous improvement.”

Guido Walter (walter & sohn)

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