Why FAIR'N GREEN is that good

In these video messages, our members explain why they have decided to be certified sustainably with FAIR’N GREEN. Find out more about the certification process, the cohesion between members and the various aspects on the way to a more sustainable business.


As Fair and Green e. V., we strive for a society in which sustainable business practices are taken for granted and future generations will find the world in a better state.

We want companies to act sustainably themselves and make their contribution to sustainable developments by offering sustainable products.


We develop practical solutions for sustainable economic activity that protect the environment and stand for fair treatment of people.

We advise medium-sized companies in all areas of sustainability giving equal weight to economic, ecological and social aspects.

The preservation and strengthening of biodiversity as well as climate, soil and species protection are core areas of ethical and sustainable business for us.

We are convinced that a new form of economic activity is necessary and possible – and we contribute to this.


and scientific


Knowledge is created in networks.

Fair and Green e. V. sees itself as a link between operational practice and scientific research and training. The association has a scientific advisory boardmade up of members from various disciplines. It advises and supports the planning and implementation of research projects and the development of innovative solutions.

We also work closely with stakeholders such as the German Winegrowers’ Association, other associations and partners as well as government institutions. This helps us to achieve our long-term goal of establishing sustainable cultivation as a principle in its own right in agriculture.


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